Edible Prints on Pastry Dough – Tips and Tricks

Fancy making your  very own custom cookies? They look quite impressive, don’t they (even if we say so ourselves)

Your cookies brought to the next levels with our new chocolate transfer sheets


The beauty of transferring an edible image on pastry dough directly without necessarily using fondant, sugar icing, chocolate (unless your recipe and design call for it) means that you can keep your food offering ‘leaner’ whilst still being quirky. Yes, you have probably seen quite a lot of airbrushed cookies out there but it still means that you need to invest in stencils, an  airbrush, a compressor…which may seem little things but they all add up especially if it’s a special, one-off, project you are working on. Also, with airbrushing, it becomes limiting using multiple colours even when super-imposing one stencil onto another to design one intricate pattern.


With edible printing it’s much easier. All you need is an image that you want printing. Applying it on pastry dough and baking it is quite simple. Here’s how you do it…


Step 1

Prepare your pastry dough as for your favourite recipe. We have used a simple sable dough but any pastry dough will work, though remember that the higher the sugar content, the less clear the background

Step 2

Chill the pastry dough in the fridge for 20 minutes or so

Step 3

Knock the dough back and roll it out to almost the required size.

Step 4

Apply the transfer sheet on top of the pastry dough with the textured pattern facing down making sure it adheres onto the surface of the dough. Press it in gently with the rolling pin to ensure its well pressed in (but don’t press it in hard enough to distort the image)

Step 5

Place the dough onto a lined, flat baking tray and rest it in the freezer for at least 2 hours (or longer preferably) until the pastry dough is completely solid.

Step 6

Remove the acetate, peeling it off from one corner going to the opposite side in one swift, decisive movement.

Step 7

Portion out the dough as required. We used a round cookie cutter for our project

Step 8

Bake at the temperature and for the length of time required according to your pastry dough recipe and enjoy


Happy shopping and happy baking

  • Modern Twist Lab Team






Chocolate Transfer Sheets with a difference

Chocolate transfer sheets are one of the best tools for pastry chefs to make a real difference in a sector where one’s work, lately, much is becoming far too similar to one another and where one’s own identity is getting lost.

Transfer sheets come into many designs and formulations. Some will be more suitable for sugar work, others for chocolate, others for a combination of the two…which makes buying the right product for the right purpose an expensive process for many as different projects will require a different formulation for optimum results.

During lockdown, we have worked hard with our manufacturer in upgrading our current transfer sheets so that our customers can rely on one product to support them with multiple pastry product without having to stock large quantities of different sheets for what tends to be – more often than not – a one-off use. Our newest formulation chocolate transfer sheet has been successfully tested on sugar products like swiss meringue and marshmallows and directly on pastry dough giving customers the possibility of really expanding their range of personalised, edible delicacies even just dividing up one sheet for use with multiple products.


Pastry chefs will now be able to apply the right technique for the task at hand using the same product to suit their needs. How wonderful is that?


Edible Prints directly onto pastry dough with our new formulation custom chocolate transfer sheets


Want to know more about this product or you are unsure on whether it will work with the pastry product you want to create?

Simply email our team on moderntwistlab@gmail.com and we will be happy to help you or even run a little test for you before you buy to ensure this  is the right product for your business


Happy shopping

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Every little helps

This has been a tough year for most of us and although the lockdown restrictions in the UK are being relaxed as we speak, our hospitality sector has still a long way to go in terms of adjusting and adapting to our new reality.

We can see that most businesses are fighting back trying to provide their food service “to go” and it’s wonderful to see the positive response of their customer base. who are trying to do their outmost to reinforce their loyalty in a time of need. That’s where we’d like to join in as well and offer our lowest ever prices on the majority of our flatware range.

Most of our disposable cups come in 100-pieces boxes or sleeves and matching lids are available for some ranges offering a great solution to those businesses who are looking at providing a catering service that is hygienic, can be easily packed and can travel safely.


Different shapes and sizes available on our website;  some suitable as delectable petit fours for afternoon tea or as mouth-watering single-serving desserts for whatever the occasion. 


Our offer is going to be valid for both our domestic and international customer base and is going to be valid until stock lasts.


Strawberry Tiramisu Verrines by @con77k using Martellato Vela disposable cups

Stay safe and happy shopping

Modern Twist Lab

Bespoke Stencils for Chocolate Decorations

The idea of being able to create a chocolate decoration that is meaningful to the theme you are working to yet unique, it’s one of the most powerful weapons in the arsenal of a pastry chef. Especially at a time when most desserts are created using pre-shaped 3D silicone moulds and everything can potentially end up looking the same or – even worse – feel quite “anonymous”.

That’s where personalised services really come into play and offer an affordable and feasible solution.

Bespoke chocolate transfer sheets can be an answer when your desserts require a simple, classic decoration item to be aesthetically harmonious but that carry a very strong visual message (a drawing, a company logo…). Alternatively, when the decoration itself plays an integral part of the design having a custom-made stencil is the only answer.

Honeycomb Stencils for disposable dessert cups

As for all custom-made services, you completely control the design and look of your stencils. They can be as big or small to cover any surface (a petit four, petit gateau or an entremet) and they are made of a material that will allow your work to shine in the same way as if you were using a regular acetate sheet.

You can use them with any tempered white chocolate of your choice, or coloured white chocolate (like shown in the example here) or even with a combination of colours (for example, you can spray them or brush them with different coloured cocoa butters before applying your tempered chocolate to achieve a multi-coloured surface) 

In terms of use, they work as a regular acetate would as in you would spread a thin layer of tempered chocolate over the surface and give it movement as required.

As for all chocolate decorations, once they have set, all you are left to do is to peel your beautiful decorations off the stencils and use as required. It could not be easier but the final result is one that will leave everyone speechless. As they can be used and re-used multiple times if treated, washed and dried with care, they are a great investment for any professional kitchen that is looking at bring their creations to the next level.

If you are interested in this service, all you need to do is email your ideas or 2D artwork to moderntwistlab@gmail.com and we will promptly get back to you with a quote and a lead time for production


Happy shopping

– Modern Twist Lab Team

Party catering in style

Are you preparing desserts for a birthday, a wedding reception, an engagement party, a baby shower?

Whatever the occasion and whether you  are doing that for business or pleasure, it can be a daunting task (especially where you might even need to transport your delectable creations to a different venue) and most patisseries are just as fragile as beautiful they look.

The answer you may wonder? It’s disposable dessert cups, of course. Why? Well, let’s see if we can give you at least 3 reasons why…

  • They come in a variety of shapes and sizes
  • They are easy to transport around (nothing bespoke, even a box-standard cupcake holder will do)
  • They can hold even the most delicate of treats
  • They lend themselves for complex, layered desserts
  • They are disposable

So that’s 5 good reasons that spring to mind that should take some of the stress away from dessert catering.

Mango mousse, Mango Compote, White Chocolate Snow, Lime Sugar, Chocolate Curls served in disposable Vela Cups

You will find so many different shapes, some more classic some quirkier, to match your sweet delicacies that you won’t resist throwing a party even when there is nothing or nobody to celebrate.

Some cups are available in a variety of colours and pack sizes vary from 10 pcs, 24 pcs to 100pcs.


Happy shopping

– Modern Twist Lab Team

Vibrant Chocolate Pralines

Whether you are making a small batch of bonbons or a large production for a busy professional kitchen, when it comes to hand-decorated shells you will find that you don’t really need much cocoa butter to add life and colour to your chocolate shells.

What we like about the Martellato, small, pre-coloured cocoa butter pots is that 30g of products will take you a long way. Smearing technique, paint brush technique, splatter technique…you name it; you only need a little quantity to jazz up your pralines.

It’s true that cocoa butter has a long shelf life, but if you are not going to use much of it throughout the year why take up all that space in your pantry or dry store, right?

The beauty of it all is also that you can mix and match small pots of (prime) colours to create other colours or different shades of the same colour like demonstrated here by our pastry ambassador, @con77k, who whipped up a small batch of pralines using just a tiny bit of yellow and blue pre-coloured cocoa butter and mixed the two to get green.

Free Ganache Recipe

She tempered the pre-coloured cocoa butter to 32C. She, then,  used a small paint brush to design a few blue dots here and there across the length of the mould cavities, and she used two additional small paint brushes to colour half of the cavity yellow and the other green. Don’t they look gorgeous? And they are so simple to make!

So, recapping…a well polished polycarbonate mould, a few small paint brushes, a couple of small pots of coloured cocoa butter and well tempered chocolate are the starting ingredients to get a stunning batch of shelled pralines. If you then match a mouth-watering filling to go with it, you’re onto a winner.

We are sharing with you a really simple and quick ganache recipe for you to try out which can be easily replaced with other flavour combinations keeping the ratios the same.

For different polycarbonate chocolate moulds and our full range of pre-coloured cocoa butter, just visit our website and get creative.


Happy shopping

– Modern Twist Lab Team

Decostrip for stunning chocolate decorations


This year we have launched a number of different products and services aimed at those who wish to personalise their chocolates further, from a visual perspective, and express their creativity beyond the use of different colour combinations or decoration techniques.

You will find a number of patterns readily available on our online shop which can be used for moulded chocolates, Easter eggs, snack bars, chocolate figurines and much more. They are really versatile and easy to use and multiple patterns can be combined for the same project to create intricate designs.

What’s even better is that our decostrips can be personalised upon request enabling you to really stand out from the crowd or make a special event even more special. Email your artwork or your sketch to moderntwistlab@gmail.com and we will help you bring your ideas to life.

Using our decostrip is child’s play. Here’s a quick stet-by-step guide on how to use them

  • Ensure the cavities of your mould are clean and well polished
  • Place the decostrip (or a combination of) inside the cavity of the mould and press down well to ensure there are no air bubbles
  • Decorate the cavities of the mould to your liking
  • Remove the decostrips and discard
  • Colour the imprint of the decostrip to your liking
  • Fill the cavities with tempered chocolate of your choice
  • Turn upside down and empty the cavities to create a hollow chocolate shell
  • Fill the chocolate shells with the filling of your choice and allow to crystallise
  • Cap the chocolate pralines with tempered chocolate and allow to crystallise
  • Turn the mould up side down over your work surface and tap gently to release your stunning pralines

So, what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a pack and create your own unique combinations.

Don’t forget to tag #moderntwistlab on Instagram so that we can share it with our community and inspire fellow cooks and professional chefs with your work

Happy shopping

– Modern Twist Lab Team