Bespoke Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Your Ideas
You can personalise your edible print on A4 chocolate transfer sheets with either your company logo, a photo, an image* or a text. Our edible prints are gluten free, IFS Food approved and BRC Food Certificated

Our Technology
Unlike traditional silkscreen printing, our edible printing plotter enables us to transfer complex images onto a pre-coated sheet of acetate without any limitation in the number of colours that can be printed. 

For this reason, there is no difference in price based on the number of colours printed whether your print requires 1 or multiple colours to be used

There is also no origination tool costs since each print can just be generated from a print file.

Similarly to a regular print on paper, please note that we cannot print in white nor metallic shades of colour.

Our edible ink is water-based but sprayed onto a cocoa butter-coated transfer sheet thus making the transfer possible onto chocolate. For this reason, images are neater and crispier if used for white chocolate decorations just like a regular print out on white paper.  Although, technically, the print will also transfer onto milk and/or dark chocolate, it will not have the same effect so it is not recommended.   

It is also imperative that unused decorations are not re-melted into a fresh batch of chocolate as this will introduce water-particles into your new batch of chocolate.

Order Size
We appreciate that sometimes you might need a smaller amount for a bespoke job that requires a one-off personalised print as opposed to a steady supply so you can also purchase custom transfer sheets individually (ideal especially when working on a test run). That way you can still get something unique for your special event but just as much as you need of it.

We do offer a bulk discount rate system starting from a minimum bulk order of 250 sheets per job request. Please email the team on for a quote if you require a bulk order.  

The small print

Please understand that the quality of the final print is intrinsically linked to the quality of the artwork you send us. We appreciate that at times you might just have an image file at your disposal, but it's important - in these instances - that we receive a high resolution image before we can start discussing requirements and working on a mock up file. ​​​​​​​

Please also note that any perishable and/or bespoke job requests cannot be refunded once approved for printing.

Ingredient List/Allergens

As we offer different types of sheets for different uses, ingredients and allergens lists do differ. This information can be found in the product description below. 
Order Process

Step 1 --> Design Specifications
Simply supply the info required for us to prepare a print file and select the quantity required.
Email your high resolution logo (in .esp/.cdr or .ai format) or images (PNG or JPEG) to making reference to your order number.

*Please note that if you require a photo image to be printed out, it is important that this is large enough so that once scaled down it is still clear and visible. If we feel that the image selected is not suitable for printing, we will inform you immediately and cancel the order request on that basis. Please supply your art work in the format request. 
The quality of the final print is strictly dependent upon the quality of the files supplied. 

Step 2 --> Order Request
Place your order quantity below and proceed to checkout. You will be given an estimate for shipping depending on the quantity selected which will then be validated as the final print job is signed off by you. 

Note on Cancellation Policy & Returns
Once the print has been approved by you and performed by our team, please note that it will not be possible for you to cancel the order. Any changes to the printed image will require a new order to be placed. Please also note that these orders cannot be returned once shipped as they are personalised to each customer's needs. Please note that transfer sheets are succeptable to temperature shocks and we cannot take any responsibility for transport temperature conditions or storage conditions at customers' sites. Please note that by confirming the order you accept these terms and conditions.  

Please note that although the order is confirmed at the time of entry, all print jobs will require written approval before shipping to ensure that the design is exactly as requested. Please ensure we have the correct email address for correspondence.