Edible Printing

There is nothing that makes a special occasion even more special, than personalised edible gifts.

Our cutting-edge edible printing technology enables us to print directly onto any food items that has a flat surface.
It is possible to print on cream, fondant, sugar, chocolate, pastry, macarons, marshmallows, chewing gums and so much more. We can support you with bespoke printing activities only or we can arrange your food order as well, which will be made exactly to specifications in our pastry lab.
You can personalised your edible print with either your company logo, an image* or a text. Our edible prints are gluten free, IFS Food approved and BRC Food Certificated
We do not impose a minimum order but due to the fragile nature of the food items being printed, we only offer this service for 'collection' in the Cheshire area.. 

Order Process

Simply supply the info required for us to prepare a print file and select the quantity/food item required.
Email any logo (in EPS,CDR,AI vector format) or images (PNG,JPEG or TIF) to moderntwistlab@gmail.com making reference to your order number.

*Please note that if you require a photo image to be printed out, it is important that this is large enough so that once scaled down it is still clear and visible. If we feel that the image selected is not suitable for printing, we will inform you immediately and cancel the order request on that basis. Please also note that images work best on a white background so, depending on the food item required, this may have to be treated with a white coating to have the image stand out

Indicate your order quantity and submit your request to our customer service team..

You will be given an quote together with an estimate for shipping depending on the quantity selected which will then be validated and consolidated in a confirmed order request by you. Payment is accepted by wire transfer, credit card or PayPal.

Note on Cancellation Policy & Returns
​​​​​​​Once the print has been approved by you and performed by our team, please note that it will not be possible for you to cancel the order. Any changes to the printed image will require a new order to be placed. Please also note that these orders cannot be returned once shipped.  

Please note that although the order is confirmed at the time of entry, all print jobs will require written approval before shipping to ensure that the design is exactly as requested. Please ensure we have the correct email address for correspondence.    

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